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Sleep Laboratory “UkrTeleMed”

With love to life

Experienced staff

Highly experienced cardiologists, somnologists comfort and safe

Effective treatment

We give you the best opportunity to feel fresh and energetic

The newest equipment

Snoring treatment is based on the use of the unique CPAP therapy with usage of advanced machines.

Iurii Pohoretskyi Ph.D.

Chief physician, somnologist, a cardiologist, President of the Association of Sleep Medicine

The head physician greeting of the Sleep Center

Healthy and restful sleep is an integral part of a successful and self-confident person. During sleep our body recuperate, ready for the new day.

Somnological Medical Center “UkrTeleMed” is the first certified sleep laboratory in Ukraine. It works at the National Scientific Centre “Institute of Cardiology Strazhesko. ” Our team is only professionals who have successfully completed education and training in German and Russian sleep laboratories . Somnological center cooperates with one of the biggest and well-known university medical centers in Europe – Charité clinic, Berlin, Germany, as well as somnological clinics in Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Belarus, Russia.

It is worth noting that somnological Medical Center “UkrTeleMed” is the only medical institution where we care about our patients from the very begging till the very end of the treatment. We control the effectiveness of treatment. Each patient is monitored by his/her own nurse3 during the whole period of treatment . We create the most comfortable conditions during your stay in our center. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, private bathroom, TV and internet connected. You really feel as if it is your second home..